Seashop Simy The My-AIS beacon

Simy The My-AIS beacon

Ref Seashop: 99002000

Manufacturer: Simy

Ref Manufacturer: 6000534

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Extra information

The My-AIS beacon

Designed for boaters, My-AIS is the smallest marine emergency beacon in the world. Acting as a real safety companion when out at sea, the beacon is ultra-compact and can easily be integrated in all kinds of life jackets.

For a safety solution on dry land, opt for the Simy Outdoor device.

The AIS system was integrated in SIMY's "My-AIS" beacon device

AIS technology

AIS is an international standard allowing boats to exchange directional, position and speed data via VHF radio waves, to avoid collisions at sea and follow maritime traffic. My-AIS integrates this technology. Once the beacon has been activated, each boat within radio range will receive the distress signal via its AIS receiver, as well as the beacon's exact location. As soon as the alert comes in, boats will divert to rescue you.

The maritime community

When at sea, solidarity is always key. You are never alone in the face of unexpected events. A whole community of seamen around you can come to your rescue once alerted of your distress, signalled by SIMY's My-AIS beacon. The size of the community can be acknowledged by visiting the website or by clicking on this real-time map.

What happens when My-AIS is activated?

Once the beacon is activated (manually or automatically), it transmits your GPS instantly to surrounding ships and coastal safety stations that can be reached by radio (5 to 10 nautical miles depending on how rough the sea is).

Your emergency is therefore immediately identified and located. Nearby ships can divert to rescue you as promptly as possible.