Seashop Lifejacket Plastimo GF SL 180 harness Hammar blue

Lifejacket Plastimo GF SL 180 harness Hammar blue

Ref Seashop: 66917

Manufacturer: Plastimo

Ref Manufacturer: 64967

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Plastimo Lifejacket GL SF 180

Put it on, zip it and forget it : the combination of shape, lightweight and ultra soft materials produce a totally flexible, body-hugging lifejacket, as comfortable as a piece of garment. 

Intensive use and powerboating. Waistcoat style inflatable lifejacket, tailored for comfort and performance.

• Buoyancy : Rated 150 N, provides superiod 180 N actual buoyancy (38 gCO² gas bottle).
• Outer shell : flexible and comfortable. Soft mesh neckline, foam-padded back panel, retro-reflective stripe. Quick burst zip outer shell closure.
• Air chamber : fully stitched to outer shell. Fluo orange for visibility + 300 cm² retro-reflective tapes.
• Inflation : automatic, automatic Pro-Sensor or hydrostatic Hammar. Viewing window on Pro-Sensor and Hammar versions to inspect the status indication on the firing head. Grid patch on Hammar model accelerates the water entry to trigger the firing head quicker. Front pocket to access the firinghead easily without deploying the outer shell.

Ergonomic and unobtrusive
• Practical and intuitive donning : zipped waistcoat style allows for perfect body fit in all manoeuvres and body positions. Double crutch strap.
• Adaptable : shoulder and waist-side easy adjustment buckles and straps, to adapt to all body sizes and shapes.
• Modular : pocket for extra accessories (flashlight, lightsticks, distress beacon, ...).
Options and Accessories

64114 Re-arming kit, automatic (38 g CO² bottle & water dissolving cartridge)
64115 Re-arming kit, Pro-Sensor automatic (38 g CO² bottle & water dissolving cartridge)
64116 Re-arming kit, hydrostatic (38 g CO² bottle & Hammar mechanism) Options & Accessories

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