Seashop Lifejacket Plastimo Pilot 290N automatic Hammar

Lifejacket Plastimo Pilot 290N automatic Hammar

Ref Seashop: 65579

Manufacturer: Plastimo

Ref Manufacturer:

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Plastimo Pilot 290N lifejacket
Equally suitable for recreational navigation and for professional or industrial applications.
Rated 275 N category with 290 N actual buoyancy.
Suitable for stout body sizes or wearers with heavy protection gear.
Integrated safety harness, stainless steel quick fix/release side adjusters.
Comprehensive equipment and multiple possibilities for extra add-ons to

 Outer shell  Heavy duty outer shell fabric, PVC coated on one side.
 Dual Quickburst® zip closure.
 3 Molle® attachment straps for extra accessories.
 1 zipped pocket.
 Inflation - firing mechanism  Automatic or hydrostatic Hammar.
 290 N actual buoyancy (60 g CO² bottle). 
 Air chamber  Polyurethane (PU) air chamber.
  • Inflated lifejacket : Yellow bladder + 400 cm² reflective tape.
    SOLAS alcaline flashlight (on Ocean model).
  • Closed lifejacket : 2 reflective piping on outer shell.
 Harness buckles & straps  EN ISO 12401 harness built-in on all models : adjustable waist
 strap, 46 mm wide, with st. steel quick fix/release side adjusters.
 60-175 cm waistline.
 Double crutchstrap as standard feature.
 ISO 12402-8 
 Originally integrated on Ocean model ref. 65580.
 Optional on other models (ref. 64950). 
 Model  Ref.  Inflation Sprayhood  Flashlight
 Pilot 290  65577  Automatic  Optional ref. 64950  Optional
 Pilot 290  65579  Hydrostatic  Hammar  Optional ref. 64950  Optional
 Pilot 290 Ocean  65580  Automatic  Integrated as standard feature  Integrated

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