Seashop Inflatable horseshoe buoy 4W white bag

Inflatable horseshoe buoy 4W white bag

Ref Seashop: 550110346

Manufacturer: 4Water

Ref Manufacturer: BU110346

EAN: 3477440012035

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Extra information

Ultra compact and fully automatic inflatable horseshoe buoy, intended to replace the traditional horseshoe buoy as well as the reversing light. Double velcro fastening on tubes 20 to 40 mm in diameter 150N buoyancy (in accordance with French regulations 240) it is equipped with a perimeter strap and two extremely strong handles (resistance 300 kg), which allow rescuing and getting back on board a person who has fallen in the water. The integrated automatic light is activated at the same time as the buoy, it is valid for 5 years and replaces the flip light. Easy to use, open the cover and launch the buoy, it inflates instantly on contact with water. A plug system integral with the cover covers the trigger and prevents any untimely triggering. This stopper comes off as soon as the buoy is taken out of its cover. Reusable, by changing the UML trigger and the 33gr CO² cartridge.

UML striker 33 gr cartridge
Automatic flash ligth 
White cover