Seashop Signalisation ligth LED White with solar panel

Signalisation ligth LED White with solar panel

Ref Seashop: 5123

Manufacturer: Hood

Ref Manufacturer: 3059501


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It signals obstacles, signalling buoys, wharves, harbour entrances, etc. Fitted with seagull scarer. Powered by lithium batteries charged via a mini solar panel combined with a mini wind-powered generator. This dual power allows for operation in any weather condition. The light comes with a bracket and clamp for 18/32-mm Ø tubes; UV-, oil- and corrosion-resistant; CE type-approved. Switching on: 1 – Automatic twilight switching with flashing mode activation (4 flashes in sequence x 52 cycles/minute). 2 – 30-m reach radio remote control. 3 – Manual. Manually- or radio remote control-operated functions: VERSION A - White fixed light. - White single FLASH. - White flashing light (4 FLASHES in sequence) - White SOS light. - Off. VERSION B - Coloured fixed light (red/green/yellow). - Coloured FLASH (red/green/yellow corner). - Gradual FLASH (red/green/yellow). - White SOS light. - White fixed light. - Off. Dimensions: 115x73 mm; weight: 245 gr + 120 gr (bracket).