Seashop Inflatable fenders flat with cover Cordura 50x80cm

Inflatable fenders flat with cover Cordura 50x80cm

Ref Seashop: 5050

Manufacturer: New

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Extra information

Flat Inflatable Fender

Characteristics : 
Strong and resistant, our fenders allows a very good protection of the boat, and a minimum space when you don't need it.

- Fenders are delivered with cover.
- Full choice of colours.
- Bladder made of 850 Gr PVC.
- Colours available: white, yellow, pink, orange, red, grey, green, purple, blue roy, marine blue, brown, black.

When the cover is used, just change it and keep the inflatable part, so you can save money !

Dimensions (diameter xheight):
20cm width 
- 20x50x80cm
 - 20x50c100cm
 - 20x50x120cm
 - 20x60x60cm
 - 20x60x80cm
 - 20x60x100cm
 - 20x60x120cm
 - 20x60x150cm
30cm width 
- 30x50x80cm
 - 30x50c100cm
 - 30x50x120cm
 - 30x60x60cm
 - 30x60x80cm
 - 30x60x100cm
 - 30x60x120cm
 - 30x60x150cm

Options :
 - Choice of the material of the cover.
 - Choice of color of the cover.
 - Marking of the fender (name ofthe boat for example).

Specify the color by sending a mail.
Need more info of a price offer? Send us a mail.