Seashop Wood’s WDD80 Dehumificator

Wood’s WDD80 Dehumificator

Ref Seashop: 5017

Manufacturer: New

Ref Manufacturer: WDD80


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Extra information

Wood’s new dehumidifier WDD80 is a compact and convenient dehumidifier with great capacity. Thanks to its compact design and quiet operations, the WDD80 can be used practically everywhere. The WDD80 is a desiccant dehumidifier, which means that it has great capacity, even at such low temperatures as 0°C. This makes it perfect for colder areas such as basements, summer houses, boats and caravans.

  • Specifications

    Maximum area 60 m²
    Recommended area 2-40 m²
    Air flow 85-120 m³/h
    Capacity 8 litres / day
    Power 640 W (about 15,4 kWh per day)
    Working interval temperature 0°C to +37ºC
    Fan speeds 3 (low, high, laundry mode)
    Water tank volume 2 litres
    Hose connection Yes (hose included)
    Air filter Washable
    Dimensions 500x351x180 mm
    Weight 6,3 kg
    Sound level 38-50 dB