Seashop Em-Trak I100 AIS Identifier

Em-Trak I100 AIS Identifier

Ref Seashop: 4510

Manufacturer: EM-TRAK

Ref Manufacturer: 417-0001


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Extra information

The em-trak AIS I100 Identifier is a fully integrated Class B vessel tracking AIS transceiver.
The em-trak AIS I100 Identifier has both GPS and VHF antennas integrated within a security sealed, IP68 waterproof ruggedized shell. Power can be supplied from the vessel or independently from its own internal rechargeable battery which gives up to 7 days of continuous operation between charges.
Multiple security and anti-tamper features as well as a secure 6 month voyage data recorder functionality option, makes the Identifier ideal for maritime security related applications.
Product Overview
·        Small and lightweight.
·        Enhanced security features.
·        Rugged design ensures operational performance.
·        Ensures AIS system integrity.
·        Highly configurable.
·        Flexible power options.