Seashop Flexima matrasses

Flexima matrasses

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Yacht mattresses are generally installed with a 6 mm thick air mesh on the bottom side of the fabric cover. Where the mattress rests with its open cavities against the ship’s side, this mesh is continued upwards to the zipper for better ventilation! Since the slatted frame is already integrated in the cold foam through the spring elements made of plastic, the Flexima can be placed directly on a closed surface (wood, fibreglass). Nevertheless, you can enjoy great spring comfort, and humidity (heat) will be pumped out of the side of the mattress with each movement. Even if a Flexima has become truly wet due to high humidity, it will dry quickly thanks to the perfect ventilation system.

To provide reliable price information, we need the maximum width of the mattress including side slopes and an indication as to with how many parts the mattress should be made.

Our FLEXIMA NAUTIC mattresses in every dimension:
  • Flexima Standard 14 cm, medium and firm, up to about 70 kg
  • Flexima Comfort 18 cm, soft, medium and firm, up to about 100 kg
  • Flexima Premium 22 cm, soft, medium and firm, up to about 140 kg

A thicker mattress brings a higher comfort level through more adaptability. An additional soft topper creates pleasantly soft sleeping comfort on firm mattresses.

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