Seashop Navionics Platinum+ SWEDEN SOUTH 17P+ on Compact Flash Card

Navionics Platinum+ SWEDEN SOUTH 17P+ on Compact Flash Card

Ref Seashop: 4122

Manufacturer: Navionics

Ref Manufacturer: 17P+


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Navionics Platinum XL3 17P+ SWEDEN SOUTH
Code: 17P+ - SWEDEN SOUTH: Swedish Lakes, South Sweden. From Smögen to Ystad to Oregrund. Including North East and South East Sjaelland, Copenhagen, Bornholm, Oeland, Gotland, Aland Islands, The Sea of Aland, Stockholm.
·        Plug and play: Preloaded card with both Nautical Chart and SonarChart™.
·        Get the most out of your chartplotter with 3D View, satellite overlay and port photos.
·        View detailed shorelines with marinas, docks and boat ramp locations. 
·        Increase your awareness of shallow waters and hazardous areas at any depth level including shoals, rocks, wrecks and more.
·        Target underwater structure with up to 0.5 m HD contours to find the best fishing locations such as wrecks, reefs and fish attractors. 
·        Consult tides and currents to plan your boating activities.
·        Download Community Edits, all kinds of valuable local information that is constantly enhanced by Navionics Boating app users.
·        Get the most current charts every day with daily updates for one year.