Seashop Antifouling International VC Offshore EU Blue YBB712 2L

Antifouling International VC Offshore EU Blue YBB712 2L

Ref Seashop: 4031

Manufacturer: International

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International  VC Offshore


VC  Offshore EU is a high strength antifouling suitable for all fouling conditions for both power and sailboats.  The quick drying formulation produces a hardthin film which is easy to clean and can be burnished to a very smooth finish.

  • Hard, burnishable paint film - ideal for racing andpowerboats

  • Smooth finish for increased speed and efficiency

  • Effective antifouling solution for all foulingconditions

  • Quick and easy application. No sanding requiredbetween coats

  • Fast drying for rapid overcoating and flexible launchtimes


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