Seashop BOOMSTRUT : boat 7.5 to 9 m, lenght 118 cm 93 - 108 cm

BOOMSTRUT : boat 7.5 to 9 m, lenght 118 cm 93 - 108 cm

Ref Seashop: 38205

Manufacturer: Plastimo

Ref Manufacturer: 38205

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With no tension on mainsheet or kicker, the rods will support the boom above horizontal level, allowing to ease out the sail if necessary when running in occasional gales.

Adjusting either mainsheet or kicker tackle will cause the rods to flex : the Boomstrut is compressed, allowing mainsail to flatten or on the contrary to sail under full sail in light winds.

The Boomstrut is a system designed to support the boom.

Boomstrut benefits
Supports the boom at all times.
Prevents accidents when the topping lift is incorrectly set or adjusted.
Safer sail handling in bad weather or when sailing short handed (reefing, raising or lowering mainsail).
Lightweight, saves windage aloft.
Immediate smooth response. No adjustments needed.
No requirement for a topping lift ; it provides an additional mainsail halyard.
Fits all types of mast and boom extrusions.

Quality construction
The Boomstrut comes in a complete kit ready to install and utilises
your current kicking strap tackle. Boomstrut kit features :
2 coated flexible fibreglass rods giving sufficient back pressure to support the boom and mainsail.
High quality Spectro anodised aluminium mast and boom fittings.
Marine grade stainless steel fastenings.
No moving parts, no servicing requirements. Carefully constructed to eliminate sharp edges and save damage to sails.

Operating principle
The 2 fibreglass rods are designed to have enough back pressure to support the weight of both boom and mainsail.

BoomstrutInitial rod length,
Max. stroke,
Max. 6 m (20 ft) 38203 96 cm 71 - 96 cm 90 kg 30 cm
6 to 7.5 m (20-24 ft) 38204 107 cm 82 - 97 cm 140 kg
7.5 to 9 m (24-29 ft) 38205 118 cm 93 - 108 cm 185 kg
9 to 10.5 m (29-34 ft) 39506 132 cm 106 - 121 cm 230 kg 40 cm
10.5 to 12 m (34-39 ft) 39507 145 cm 119 - 134 cm 270 kg

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