Seashop Winch cover PVC white 18X17CM (X2)

Winch cover PVC white 18X17CM (X2)

Ref Seashop: 38016

Manufacturer: Plastimo

Ref Manufacturer: 38016

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Extra information

Winch Cover
Dralon cover : maintained in position on the drum with an elastic band, and secured to the winch
base by means of a strap.
PVC cover : adjusted and fastened on the winch by a Velcro flap.
Supplied in pairs.

 Dimensions B x Ø*  Dralon Royal blue  PVC white
 16 x 14 cm    40146  38015 
 18 x 17 cm    40147  38016 
 22 x 18 cm    40148    
* At winch base