Seashop Fluorescent storm jib 4m²

Fluorescent storm jib 4m²

Ref Seashop: 38009

Manufacturer: Plastimo

Ref Manufacturer: 38009

EAN: 3162420380098

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Extra information

Fluorescent storm jib
The storm jib helps stabilising the boat and increases the visibility in foul-weather conditions.
Designed by a professional sail maker and manufactured in polyester,
the storm jib features :
A high modulus cloth (380 g/m2).
A small surface (4 m2, 5 m2 or 6 m2).
A compact shape.
A bright visible colour (fluorescent).
It meets the ORC specifications.

The fluorescent storm jib is equipped with quick snaps and can be
easily hanked on any forestay, including a quick-release forestay.
Boat lengthReferenceStorm
jib area
< 8 m
< 26 ft
38009 4 m²
< 12 m
< 38 ft
38010 5 m²
< 14 m
< 44 ft
38011 6 m²