Seashop Bracket Floating lifebuoy lights 40MM

Bracket Floating lifebuoy lights 40MM

Ref Seashop: 37034

Manufacturer: Plastimo

Ref Manufacturer: 37034

EAN: 3162420370341

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Extra information

Floating lifebuoy lights
For use with lifebuoys.
Operated without mercure, simply with alcaline batteries, R20 type.
Arc of visibility 360°.
Light modelBulbContact unitSpare glass
Strobe16202 20900
Light modelReferenceApprovalLight
DurationNumber of
Fixed light, Without bracket16199SOLAS 74.96 IMO AES A 689 (17) A 48 (66) 4 candela2 hours5
Fixed light, With bracket10028
Strobe light, Without bracket16198-> 2 candelaapprox. 40 hours at 1flash/sec.3
Flashlight, Without bracket16197-< 2 candelaapprox. 72 hours at 20 flash/min.5
Bracket alone37034-
(Plastimo patent)
The spring is in permanent
contact with the base of the bulb
and the positive terminal
of the batteries. The wire
is in permanent contact with
socket of the bulb.
When not in use,
the weight of the
batteries compresses
the spring and shuts off
the contact with the
wire and the batteries
negative terminal.
When the light is
thrown into the water, it
floats in vertical position
immediately, thanks to
its specific shape.
The batteries slide down
in the tube and, with
their weight, create
the contact with the wire
connected to the bulb.