Seashop Davits. tube 40mm. for 100kg. single sheave

Davits. tube 40mm. for 100kg. single sheave

Ref Seashop: 36182

Manufacturer: Plastimo

Ref Manufacturer: 36182

EAN: 3162420361820

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Extra information

Davits for tenders up to 100 kg or 160 kg depending on the model.
When used, davits are blocked in a fixed position, determined when
installing the davits (spacing between arms). When not in use, the
arms swivel and can fold up for space saving on deck and transom.
Easy flushmount installation thanks to mounting shoe.
Supplied in pairs, complete with blocks and lines.
Tube Ø For Sheave Reference
40 mm 100 kg Single 36182
60 mm 160 kg Double 36183
Ref. 36182 includes the following accessories  :
2 blocks, 2 hooks, 2 x 3 m of rope.
    Ref. 36183 includes the following accessories  :
4 blocks, 4 hooks, 4 x 3 m of rope.