Seashop FHD anchor 5kg stainless steel

FHD anchor 5kg stainless steel

Ref Seashop: 35740

Manufacturer: Plastimo

Ref Manufacturer: 35740

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FHD anchor
Galvanised steel : thermal treatment increases the breaking resistance.
316 L Stainless steel : dipped in decontaminating fluid, totally impervious to corrosion.
Weight*Galvanised steel Stainlesssteel 
kgLbFHD anchorFHD anchor
3,5 m24,55160251603
6,5 m7,5173573635741
7,5 m10373573735742
10,5 m15323573835743
5 m51135703535740
16 m20443573935744
19 m30663785237853
Which anchor for which boat and use ?
Max. boat lengthBoat displacementMin. anchor weightØ schackleØ chainNylon rope Ø
Dinghy, tender, Optimist-2 kg4.4 lb8 mm6 mm6 mm
dinghy, inflatable boat Small catamaran up to 4 m300 kg3.5 kg7.7 lb8 mm6 mm6 - 8 mm
Boat up to 5.50 m800 kg6 kg13 lb8 mm6 mm10 mm
6,50 m1000 kg8 kg 17 lb8 mm6 - 7 mm10 mm
7,50 m2000 kg10 kg22 lb10 mm8 mm14 mm
9 m3000 kg12 kg26 lb10 mm8 mm14 mm
10,50 m4500 kg14 kg31 lb10 mm8 mm14 mm
12,50 m8000 kg16 kg35 lb12 mm10 mm18 mm
16 m12000 kg20 kg44 lb12 mm10 mm18 mm
18 m16000 kg24 kg50 lb16 mm12 mm22 mm
20 m20000 kg34 kg75 lb16 mm14 mm24 mm
25 m30000 kg40 kg88 lb16 mm14 mm24 mm
+ 25 m+ 30000 kg60 kg140 lb18 mm16 mm28 mm

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