Seashop Navigation lights : Spare bulb

Navigation lights : Spare bulb

Ref Seashop: 28190

Manufacturer: Plastimo

Ref Manufacturer: 28190

EAN: 3162420281906

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Extra information

Navigation lights

Very clever fixation system : a
small and compact clip, that
does not stick out when light is
not mounted, avoids ropes or
sheets to get caught ; light can
thus be set anywhere.

Compact navigation light with an integrated reflector. Patented.
Lighting lifetime is longer : from 60 to 80 hours. They are waterproof and operated by simply rotating the upper part of the light.
Operated by 1.5 V battery (LR20 type).

Set of 3 lights 28037 (port, starboard and stern)
White sternlight 28038
Red port light 28039
Green starboard light 28040
White masthead light 28041
Anchor light, 360° 28042

Spare bulb : 28190