Seashop Rescue Sling yellow

Rescue Sling yellow

Ref Seashop: 27027

Manufacturer: Plastimo

Ref Manufacturer: 27027

EAN: 3162420270276

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Extra information

Rescue Sling©
Complete rescue gear, which delivers flotation to the victim and
provides a means to hoist the person back aboard (with the help
of a lifting tackle or halyard winch if necessary).
The clever and exclusive design* of the Rescue Sling consists in the
retrieval line which is coiled on a reel : this avoids the line tangling
or fouling, and makes the Rescue Sling the most efficient man over
board recovery gear.

Version Reference
Yellow 27027
White 35713
Version Reference Description
Lighting 27028 Lithium battery operated, 12 hour lifetime.Light is fixed on an elastic lanyard to be sleeved on the flotation belt.
Optional extra
Buoyancy of flotation belt : 10 kg.
40 m of floating line.
Storage bag with clips for rail attachment.
Dimensions : height 50 cm,
width 30 cm,
thickness 20 cm.
Weight : 1.7 kg.
Breaking strain of line : 400 kg.
Breaking strain of flotation belt : 700 kg.
The clever and exclusive spool system offers a definite safety
plus, as it prevents the line from getting entangled.
Besides, it allows a swift and easy "repacking" procedure :
another good reason to urge the skipper to drill the crew.

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