Seashop Rescue Buoy? cover set. yellow incl : cover + reel + retrieval l

Rescue Buoy? cover set. yellow incl : cover + reel + retrieval l

Ref Seashop: 27026

Manufacturer: Plastimo

Ref Manufacturer: 27026

EAN: 3162420270269

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Extra information

Rescue Buoy®
A new concept in the array of man overboard
recovery aids : simple and ingenious*,
the Plastimo Rescue Buoy represents a major
-though simple- breakthrough which will
contribute to saving lives at sea.

The principle is deceptively simple : attach permanently a regular
horseshoe buoy to a properly coiled lifeline ; when the buoy
is thrown, the line pays out quickly, without tangling or fouling.
Model Yellow cover  White cover 
Without light Orange buoy27022  Orange buoy35717 
Without light Yellow buoy27024   
With SOLAS floating light Orange buoy27023  Orange buoy35716 
With SOLAS floating light Yellow buoy27025   
Version Reference Description
SOLAS floating light 16199  
Spare cover/storage bag
White 35719  
Package : cover + reel + retrieval line
White 35721 Converts your existing regular Plastimo horseshoe buoy into a Rescue Buoy.
    Horseshoe lifebuoy, 15 kg buoyancy.
40 m of yellow floating retrieval line.
Coated fabric storage bag, impervious to UV-rays, fitted with clips
for attachment to pulpit.
Breaking strain of line : 400 kg.
Dimensions : height : 60 cm, width : 65 cm, thickness : 14 cm.
Weight : 2.3 kg without light.