Seashop Plastimo Compass Contest 101 compass Bezel black

Plastimo Compass Contest 101 compass Bezel black

Ref Seashop: 26891

Manufacturer: Plastimo

Ref Manufacturer: 26891

EAN: 3162420268914

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Extra information

The Contest® Range      
Contest® 101 compass
Sailboats as from 9 metres (30 ft).
When Plastimo invented the double reading compass, it was a major innovation which allowed the yachtsman to follow his course from the cockpit and the cabin.
The Contest 101 goes a step further : its exclusive mounting possibilities on any bulkhead - whatever the thickness - and its aesthetics allow the Contest 101 to adapt perfectly to todays yachts, both in terms of engineering technique and glamorous design.
Boat size 9 metres and above (30 ft +).
Double reading From cockpit and cabin.
  Double graduation : horizontal and vertical.
Conical card, graduated every 5°, apparent Ø 100 mm.
Heading numerals every 30°.
Mounting Comes as standard in a bulkhead version
(vertical or 10-25° inclined bulkhead).
Can be mast-mounted with the addition of optional mast-mounting kit.
Lubber lines 3 lubber lines, at 45°.
Heelmeter Graduated every 10°.
Compensation Optional.
Lighting 12 Vdc. Red lighting on black and white cards,
white lighting on yellow and red cards.
Supplied with Protection cover, drilling template.
Model Version Inclined bulkhead10-25°  Vertical bulkhead 
Black compass black card 40030 39665
Black compass red card 25483 25328
Black compass yellow card 31074 29886
Blue compass red card 31086 31082
Blue compass yellow card 26885 26881
White compass red card 25487 25475
White compass white card 51006 51003
White compass yellow card 31078 29890
Version Reference
Compensation 25333
Mast mounting kit 39201
Bezel for Contest 101
White 26892
Blue 26893
Version Reference Description
protection cover
25332 Just in case it would fall overboard… as it is originally supplied as standard.
Exclusive mounting possibilities, whatever the bulkhead thickness :
Either by screwing from the
cockpit side.
Or by screwing from the
cabin side, as an anti-theft

Assembly is totally

Bulkhead of standard thickness (up to 40 mm)  :
the compass is secured
with threaded rods.






Thick or double bulkhead : the compass is secured with screws on both sides of the bulkhead.
Plastimo compasses instructions and warranty conditions
Drilling template - Scale : 1 x 1