Seashop Iris 100 compass, additional bracket

Iris 100 compass, additional bracket

Ref Seashop: 22477

Manufacturer: Plastimo

Ref Manufacturer: 22477

EAN: 3162420224774

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Extra information

Handbearing compasses

Iris 100 compass

Comes complete with protection padded pouch, bracket and assembly screws.

The Iris 100 is a universal compass :
It can be installed on any inclination or position : vertical, horizontal, laying flat, upside down...
It is a course compass which can also be used to take bearings.
It can be taken away and moved around the boat : it is simply clipped on a smooth-edge bracket, designed not to catch sails or hurt fingers.
A soft rubber casing provides efficient protection against shocks.

These features make the Iris 100 an ideal compass for small boats (dinghy, kayak, canoe, small fishing boat...).

Additional bracket 22477

IRIS 100With lighting*Without lighting
Blue  23488 21811
Yellow  25491 25334

Conical card with double reading (direct and horizontal).
Gimballed magnetic set : the card remains perfectly horizontal, whatever the angle of the compass installation.
2 mobile lubber lines.
Legendary Plastimo pivot and hard stone guarantee the accuracy and the durability.
Iris 100 floats.
Weight : 295 g.
Comply with ISO 613.