Seashop Light Stick 12-hour green

Light Stick 12-hour green

Ref Seashop: 19668

Manufacturer: Plastimo

Ref Manufacturer: 19668

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Extra information

Essential safety equipment, becomes indispensable for every crewmember sailing at night.
Visible at a distance of over one mile, this watertight floating light features an eye for attachment to a sailing jacket.
100 % reliable, unbreakable, non-corrosive, watertight, nontoxic.
It does not produce any flames or sparkles, it is nonflammable, does not require any batteries and can be used in a variety of circumstances :
• Man overboard.
• Gas leak.
• Electricity failure or black-out.
• Engine breakdown.
• Windward use.
• In or below the water.
• Mooring light...

Floating stick 24 x 2 cm, with attachment eye. 
Produces a bright
yellow/green light instantly. 
Minimum range 1 mile.
Duration 12 hours.