Seashop Plastimo Contest 130 compass. inclined bulkhead. black compass. red card

Plastimo Contest 130 compass. inclined bulkhead. black compass. red card

Ref Seashop: 17292

Manufacturer: Plastimo

Ref Manufacturer: 17292

EAN: 3162420172921

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Extra information

Plastimo Contest® 130 compass
Sailboats as from 9 metres (30 ft).
The perfect card stability and exceptional magnification of the Contest 130 give the user an unparalleled quality of reading, by day or by night.
The Contest 130 remains perfectly legible from a 5 m distance.
Boat size 9 metres and above (30 ft +)
Compass card Double graduation : horizontal and vertical.
Conical card, graduated every 5°,
apparent Ø 127 mm.
Heading numerals every 30°.
Mounting Bulkhead (vertical or 10°-25° inclined bulkhead).
On a bracket.
On the mast
(with the addition of optional mast mounting kit).
Lubber lines 3 lubber lines, at 45°
Heelmeter Graduated every 10°
Compensation Included as standard
Lighting 12 Vcc. double lighting (upper and lower).
Red lighting on black card,
white lighting on red card.
Supplied with Protection cover, drilling template
Version Inclined bulkhead10-25°  Bracket mount  Vertical bulkhead 
Reference Reference Reference
Black compass
Black card
40034   39669
White compass
Red card
  17295 17294
Red card 17292 17293 17291
The model for inclined bulkhead is designed for a bulkhead tilted by 10° to 25° from vertical. The card remains fully efficient,
even with a very high angle of pitch.