Seashop Plastimo Mini-B compass Olympic

Plastimo Mini-B compass Olympic

Ref Seashop: 17233

Manufacturer: Plastimo

Ref Manufacturer: 17233

EAN: 3162420172334

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Extra information

Mini-B compass
Specially designed for small boats
(less than 9 metres / 30 ft).
The Mini-B combines exclusive attractive features :
Good looks of a binnacle mounted compas.
No drilling in the deck is required : the binnacle is simply secured with 3 screws.
The compass cell can be removed instantly with one single twist, for quick storage and security.

Mini-B comes in 3 versions :
Mini-B Olympic : for sailboats, with 3 lubber lines.
Mini-B Offshore : for powerboats.
Mini-B Tactical : for racing, with tactical card.
Version Reference
Mini-B Olympic 17233
Mini-B Offshore
- flat card
- flat card + light 14065
- conical card 14061
Mini-B, Arabic card 17237
Compensation 17673
Apparent diameter of the card : 90 mm.
Mobile lubber lines.
Card pivot mounted on a shock absorber.
Optional compensation available.
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