Seashop Flexible turnbuckle boots 460 mm 14-16 mm

Flexible turnbuckle boots 460 mm 14-16 mm

Ref Seashop: 17052

Manufacturer: Plastimo

Ref Manufacturer: 17052

EAN: 3162420170521

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Extra information

Rigging screws
Flexible turnbuckle boots
Soft PVC. Provides a cover for the rigging screw and rigging fittings, and protects sails, clothes and skin from being snagged on exposed turnbuckle parts.
Ref.LengthFor rigging screw Ø
A10535340 mm4-6 mm
10536340 mm8-10 mm
10537470 mm10-12 mm
17051465 mm12-14 mm
17052460 mm14-16 mm
B17048380 mm4-6 mm
17049420 mm8-10 mm
17050500 mm10-12 mm
C28237470 mm8-10 mm