Seashop Flexible watertank spare inner bladder triangular 120L

Flexible watertank spare inner bladder triangular 120L

Ref Seashop: 16665

Manufacturer: Plastimo

Ref Manufacturer: A16665

EAN: 3162420166654

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Extra information

The strong flexible drinking water tanks from Plastimo offer a reliable, practical and inexpensive solution for the storage of drinking water on board.
They are flexible, light and conformable, allowing them to be placed where a rigid tank would not be possible due to the shape of the vessel or difficult accessibility.
The double-walled construction makes maintenance easy, as the inner bag can be removed from the outer bag for cleaning and inspection.

Flexible water tanks are supplied complete, ready for installation,
including Ø 38 mm input and Ø 12 mm output connection nipple.

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