Seashop Marine barbecue,Rail bracket mount for rail 22-25mm

Marine barbecue,Rail bracket mount for rail 22-25mm

Ref Seashop: 12497

Manufacturer: Plastimo

Ref Manufacturer: 12497

EAN: 3162420124975

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Extra information

Marine barbecue
Combination tool : allows use as a stove, oven or barbecue, to cook your favourite dishes.
- a radiant burner provides optimum efficiency and perfect heat distribution.
- the attached lid acts as windshield and leaves hands free while cooking.
- swivelling Venturi tube with thumb release, allowing safe gas bottle change.

Features :
- Ø 368 mm. Cooking surface : 994 cm2.
- Stainless steel burner, grill and barbecue.
- Uses camping gaz CV470 cartridges.
- We recommend the use of a rail bracket mount.

Rail bracket mountStainless steel and anodised aluminium.
For rail Ø 22-25 mm12497
For rail Ø 28-32 mm12498
Nylon cover42372