Seashop Bilgepump Plastimo manuel simple 0.7L supplied without outlets

Bilgepump Plastimo manuel simple 0.7L supplied without outlets

Ref Seashop: 11722

Manufacturer: Plastimo

Ref Manufacturer: 11722

EAN: 3162420117229

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Manuel bilge pump Plastimo


Corrosion,electrolysis and fuel resistant bilge pumps.


Ofrugged construction, they produce high capacity output with the convenience ofmany mounting positions (see drawings).


•Self-priming and leak free.

•Quick release inspection cover for added safety.


Thedouble action pump is equipped with outlet elbows, swivelling on 220°, thusallowing all mounting positions and

reducingthe clearance required (290 mm to 400 mm maximum).

Theoutlet elbows are screwed and fitted with an O-ring for perfect watertightnessand added safety (quick release facility).

Straightoutlets 17491 and elbows 17492 can also be mounted on pump C, which allowspumping in two different locations on the boat, while having only one wastewater outlet.

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