Seashop Furling drum 76mm. Sail Area 6 sq.m. 1108kg

Furling drum 76mm. Sail Area 6 sq.m. 1108kg

Ref Seashop: 10607

Manufacturer: Plastimo

Ref Manufacturer: 650259

EAN: 5035088423347

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Extra information

Single line furling systems
Furling systems for use on dinghies, dayboats, small catamarans and
light sailing cruisers.
St. steel ball races ensure smooth, snag free operation under load.
Drum units manufactured from high quality plastics and st. steel.
Head swivel manufactured from anodised aluminium.
These units are for furling purposes only and cannot undertake reefing
applications. To obtain a furling gear, you need to order 1 drum + 1 head swivel.
Description Reference Ø Sail
Break load SWL* (1)   Weight
Furling drum 10607 76 mm 6 Sq. m. 1108 kg 554 kg 224 kg
Furling drum 18737 95 mm 10 Sq. m. 1108 kg 554 kg 285 kg
Head swivel 10608 25 mm 10 Sq. m. 1900 kg 950 kg 57 kg

(1) SWL : Safe Working Load