Seashop Rearming kit for inflatable personal dan buoy without light (CO2 bottle + safety clip)

Rearming kit for inflatable personal dan buoy without light (CO2 bottle + safety clip)

Ref Seashop: 53484

Manufacturer: Plastimo

Ref Manufacturer: 53484

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Extra information

Inflatable personal dan buoy manual activation
In the event of a man overbooard,the victim activates the inflation manually by pulling the toggle.The inflated dan buoy increases considerably the visibility of the victim.
To be attached to a belt (on foul weather gear or lifejacket).
Dan buoy in neon yellow nylon,polyurethane coated.
Height above water when inflated : 1.80 m.
Equipped with :
-red and yellow flag (21 x 14 cm),
-retro-reflective tapes,
-oral inflation tube,
-light (option).
Comes in a PVC pouch with belt attachment.
Dimensions (in pouch)  :
11 x 14 x 7 cm,without light,
11 x 16 x 8 cm,with light.
With light53481
Without light53482
Rearming kit (11 g CO2 bottle +safety clip) For dan buoy with light (includes light) 53483
 For dan buoy without light53484
Webbing beltoption) 53485
Checking and servicing your inflatable Dan buoy or lifebuoy :
To ensure that your inflatable Dan buoy or lifebuoy is fully operational when needed, we strongly recommend that you check them and have them serviced at regular intervals.

• Before putting off to sea, you can easily inspect their general condition visually, by checking the main components (container, inflatable chamber, retro-reflecting tapes, CO2 gas cylinder -check that the cylinder is tightly screwed -, firing head, safety light -check the date of the light -). Replace the re-arming kit if necessary.

• We recommend that your Dan buoy and lifebuoys should be serviced at regular intervals. A complete servicing session includes checking the inflation system and the airtightness of the chamber.
Plastimo advises you to keep one spare kit for each Dan buoy and lifebuoy on board.

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